Freddie Mac Program Plus Mulitfamily Program - Permanent Finance Programs


Early Rate Lock: Rate lock 30 to 180 days, up to 270 with Freddie Mac approval, in advance of funding
Supplemental Mortgages
Prepayment Options: Yield Maintenance (YM) with non-standard YM periods available and alternative prepayment options for adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) loans

Rate Options
Fixed Rate
Standard ARMs
Capped ARM

Multifamily Fixed-Rate Programs
Premier Lease-up Execution – Extended early rate-lock, up to 18 months, is utilized to target qualified conventional newly constructed or substantially renovated properties in lease-up.
Affordable Housing – Debt financing and equity investment
Forward Commitments
Bond Credit Enhancements
LIHTC and Section 8 housing
Specialty Financing: Available for seniors housing, assisted living, independent living, and student housing.
Credit Facility: Long-term and short-term flexible financing available with Non-Crossed or Revolving Credit Facility programs.